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Classic Twister Gameplay: It's the Classic Twister gameplay you loved growing up! Spin the spinner to see if players will place their hands and feet on red, yellow, blue, or green spots on the mat. Turn, twist, and tangle. But don't fall over, because the last player standing wins!

Get Your Game Feet On: Are you ready to get twisted up in knots? The spinner lets players know which hand and which foot goes where. Left foot on red? Right hand on green? You've got this! Wait, whose arm is that? Just remember, no knees or elbows on the mat, or you'll be O-U-T!

Twist In Teams: Try playing in teams! Team members can even share spots. Just be careful not to lose your balance. As soon as one player falls over -- or touches the mat with a knee or elbow -- the whole team is out! Step up the competition and host a team tournament. Who will have the most victories? Players can also take on new challengers in a Knockout Play round, until only one team is left standing.

Indoor, Outdoor, Anytime Fun: Break out the Classic Twister game, take off your shoes, and let the good times roll! (Or twist, in this case.) Play in teams or go head-to-head. Whether it's an outdoor event, party, or a low-key night in, the Twister game turns any get-together into an all-out bash!

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